Wednesday, June 27, 2007


A co-worker who made a good deal of OT on their financial windfall...

"F*** responsibility!! I'm buying what I want!!"

P.R. People Suck


1. Driving 35 miles to your live shot at the Outlet Mall at 5 a.m.
2. Setting up and with fifteen minutes to go, no one is showing up.
3. Wondering why security looks at you funny when you tell them you're doing a live shot and expecting a bunch of people.
4. Having your reporter call said P.R. person and the P.R. person sleepily saying the shot is actually tomorrow, which it isn't.
5. The 35 mile drive back to the station listening to a pissed off reporter.

Yes, they do suck.

Images From Stark County

I was involved in the coverage about the missing pregnant mother story in Canton, OH. Admittedly I wasn't neck deep in it because of my shift but I was staking out Bobby Cutts house, at the Stark County Jail and at the Greentown F.D. when the organizing of volunteers became a amazing show of comapssion as close to 2,000 people showed up to search for Jessie Davis.

I had a little down time at the Stark County Jail so, I took some cell phone pictures. Hope they look ok.

I caught this as the sun was coming up.
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Our behemoth, I mean our Sat truck.
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CBS, CNN and Fox's Sat trucks.
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HEY!! Fox News has a canopy. Why don't we have a canopy?
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Last one.
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Friday, June 15, 2007

He Plays A...WHAT?

WJW-TV Morning anchor, Wayne Dawson accidentaly makes a musical error, much to the chagrin of WJW-TV reporter Kenny Krumpton.

Enjoy the goodness...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Karma Is A Bitch

Last Friday, I covered a drowning in Lake Erie. I didn't blog about it though because was kind of routine, as drownings go. The guy was at a local state park right here on Lake Erie with his girlfriend and dog. We assume that the dog jumped into the water to possibly chase a duck or a goose. The dog wouldn't come out of the water so the guy jumped in to get his dog out.

We really don't know what happened but the guy drowned. Don't know if he even knew how to swim or not. He went into the water and was retrieved about an hour later from Lake Erie buy the Cleveland Fire Department Dive and Rescue team. He was 29 years old. We don't know what happened to the dog.

Fast forward to this morning. We get a report from the CPD about the victim of the drowning. He was a wanted man in Detroit. What was he wanted for?


He was even featured on America's Most Wanted for the crime.

Here's the original story from on the drowning.

Karma Is A Bitch.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Personal Message

To the homeless piece of crap that decided to steal my reporter's purse out of my live truck,please understand that if I see you on the street overnight you will not be a happy person.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Water + Electric Wires = BOOM

I went to this house fire a couple of days ago. Flames were shooting out of the attic and fire crews had a heck of a time getting into the home because of so much trash and stuff that had been pack-ratted in every corner of the home, that the house pretty much was a total loss.

The fire was raging out of control. The flames were high enough that they caught the power lines in front of the home on fire. A snorkel truck that had parked in front of the house had to move across the street to escape the flames and the danger of the burning wires.

I positioned myself across the street in the driveway of an abandoned house. I was shooting the fire when I noticed an old man next to me watching the fire. I also noticed he was standing under a power line that was swaying because it was attached to the lines that were on fire.

I mentioned to the man that I was going to move because of the wire and suggested that he should probably do the same. He followed me and we were out of harm's way of the wire. Just then, the snorkel truck, which by this time had lifted it's ladder, opened up it's snorkel and started dousing the house.

As I was shooting the firemen below, a huge blue flash and a boom rang out. I pulled out wide in time to get the the second flash an a louder boom from the electrical lines in front of the house shorting out. The snorkel was hitting the wires, which by now had their insulation burned off by the fire and were now bare.

After the second boom, the firemen in front of the house scattered and surrounded me and the old man across the street. They were all breathing heavy and some were saying they felt sick. I felt sick also. The shock wave from the explosions went through us all and I'm not surprised that we all didn't have our insides rattled a little from the impact of those shock waves. I felt better about an hour later with a little ginger ale inside me.

Oh, and that wire that the old man was standing under, it came down about 25 minutes later. We all were pretty lucky that night.