Thursday, January 25, 2007


I haven't let the blog go. Just nothing of note to blog about. We got a whole lot of snow today but writing about snow coverage is about as exciting as actually covering snow.

So, when something happens, I'll put it here. Otherwise, I'm sorry for the lack of posts but then again, I've never been all that interesting of a person anyways.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Busy Week Now

It was quite the busy week overnight. I believe I had a total of three dead in two days. A double homicide was the topper to the week. I also had something odd happen to me.

I rolled up to a homicide scene in Cleveland's 6th Police District. They are the nicest and helpful in all of the city. I get out and stand behind the police car blocking th street even though the police tape is about 40 feet down the road. A officer waves me down to him and says, "Dude isn't here anymore. EMS took him but he's dead. He took three to the chest."

Then the lieutenant comes up and asks who is in the car blocking the road. A young cop answers and the lieutenant gives him an order. Then the lieutenant asks me a question.

In my years of shooting, I've been asked to stop shooting, to leave, to back up, to do some physically impossible things also. But I've never been asked what I was asked by a police office at a crime scene.

When the lieutenant gave the young officer orders, he sent him out to go get some coffee which was just across the street. But what floored me and made me smile was the question the Lt. asked me.

"Would you like some also??" was his question to me. I didn't accept but I thanked him profusely.

I'm still a little stunned. That's never happened to me before.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Four Quiet Days

And I'm going out of my mind. So far I've checked out two car accidents. That's it. Just two small car accidents not worth the waste of stored battery power.

I know, I know. Be careful what I wish for. I'll be ready to walk out of the building and the triple three fire will occur or a plane will fall from the sky on a church full of old ladies making pierogies.

I'll take my chances. Let SOMETHING happen overnight tonight!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Quiet Night

As for my previous post, there was nothing going on last night. No major accidents, fatal or otherwise. I did drive by a fender bender or two. Even saw a car that was parked up on a jersey barrier...but no fatal accidents or DUI checkpoints that I was sent to. Just a serene night at the station filled with faux Champagne and leftover Taco Bell for breakfast/lunch.

Here's to a quieter 2007...don't mention the Taco Bell. That doesn't count.