Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bloody Week

It's been a bloody week and how appropriate for my first week back from vacation. This Wednesday a man was robbed and shot in the parking lot of his apartment complex. He was shot in the arm and hit in the brachial artery. He jumped over a fence leaving a lot of his life on the wood. He bled out running up the street and passed on someone's front stoop, leaving handprints on their door.

Thursday morning, a fatal one car accident where the driver was ejected and died at the scene. I arrived in time enough for me to see them covering up the driver's body. Lucky me. It wasn't pleasant and I could have lived my life without seeing what I saw.

This Friday morning started out quite peaceful. I did a live shot at Cleveland's Benedictine H.S. where I had to shoot the monks having daily mass. Right after mass was over, my phone vibrated and I was told to head to a multiple car accident with a fatal.

One of the monks must have heard me talking to the desk because he came over to me and said, "You must see a lot of bad things." I told him about where I was going and what I'd seen in the two days prior. He put his hand on my shoulder and said a prayer and blessed me. Then he smiled and walked away saying, "Go with God."

I almost cried on the spot.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's Over...

My vacation, that is. I'm on my weekend then the daily grind starts all over again Monday. Am I looking forward to it? In a strange way, yes. I miss the interaction with co-workers (some, I should say), the spot news coverage and seeing what lies at the scene when I get there.

It'll be good to get back.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh Joy...

The remnants of hurricane Ike came through my area last night and let me tell you, I feel for those poor people in the Southeastern part of Texas.

Because of the winds from Ike, I now have no power, running water (from a well), no sanitation capabilities (no power to run the water to refill the toilet), no refrigeration capabilities (hope the freezer holds for another day) and no way to cook food.

So, I'm at a motel with my wife, kids and the dog.

Great way to start the second week of vacation..

Sunday, September 07, 2008


I'm on two weeks vacation and I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying at home and redding up this cesspool of a home. Lots of toys and accumulated crap is going to be tossed.

It's going to be a fun vacation for sure.